Singapore Curry Vegetables (咖哩菜)

INGREDIENTS 材料 (Serves up to 6)

Curry paste ingredients
8 dried chillies (soaked in hot water, drained and remove seeds) – you can also use fresh red chilli
2 lemon grass (white portion only), sliced thinly
10 shallots (peeled)
1 thumb size fresh Turmeric (peeled)
1 palm size Galangal (peeled)
2 tbsp of oil + little water
Blend everything till fine.  Add little oil if the mixture is too dry to blend.
400ml Coconut milk (for health conscious, substitute 200 ml of coconut milk with regular milk)
1 cup of evaporated milk
1/2 cabbage (sliced into bite size)
1 carrots (chunk size)
10 lady fingers
2 eggplants (chunk size)
firm bean curd (sliced and pan fried)
Beancurd puff (taupok) available in Asian grocery store
1/2 lb long beans (green beans)
2 potatoes (peeled and cut into chunks)
you can adjust the amount of vegetables to your liking.
Seasoning:  2 tbsp Fish sauce, 1 tbsp sugar,  1 tsp salt and 1 tbsp soy sauce (adjust according to own preference)


(1)  Add 2 tbsp oil in wok.  Heat the oil in medium heat.
(2)  Add blended curry paste and keep frying till fragrant (not burnt!).  Keep stirring so that the mixture will not stick to the wok.
(3)  Add half of coconut milk  and stir again.
(4)  Increase the heat to medium high.  Add all vegetables and mix well. Cover the wok.  Stir the vegetables while cooking.
(5)  When the vegetables about to soften (about 15mins), add seasoning and rest of coconut milk.  You can add about 1 cup of water if prefer more curry gravy.
(6)  Cover the wok again, and cook for another 10mins.
(7)  Lower the heat and add evaporate milk.  Stir the curry mixture for 1 minute and turn off the heat.
(8)  Curry is best served if cook at least 4 hours ahead.

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