About this Author

My name is Jenny.  I am raised in Singapore, a dot on the world map.  I work as an engineer/building science consultant in the construction industry for more than 10 years and is now a stay-at-home mother.  I have 2 daughters, 6 years old Joanne and 2 years old Jamie.  Joanne and Jamie loves my dishes.  Their good appetite inspired me to create healthy and delicious meals.

I have a special fondness for cooking.  What appeals to me about cooking, is getting the satisfaction when I made tasty dishes for my loved ones.  My mother is the best cook ever.  Every meal on our table, is filled with delicious dishes which we are so spoilt by.  My mother taught me how to cook delicious meal without using MSG.  The proudest moment is when she commented to her friends that her daughter cooks very well.  I offer here my sincerest and heartfelt thanks to her.

I am a mother myself now, and I want to follow her footstep in bringing delicious and healthy dishes to my family too.

I also love traveling.  I have traveled to Spain, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Hongkong, USA, Indonesia and other countries.  I collect shot glass and cooking books in every place I visited.  Till today, I have more than 300 shot glasses, and hundreds of cooking books.

This blog I am writing, describes step by step technique to prepare each mouthwatering dish.  The photos are shot by me with a point-and-shoot camera.  I am not a professional photographer, but I hope to learn photography in near future.  This blog is also free from advertising, so you can navigate through my recipes easily.

One important feature of my recipes is the absence of MSG.  I am not against MSG, but I prefer to serve my food in their natural flavor.  And the quantity of oil is greatly reduced (unless it is fried), to constitute a healthy diet in our life.  However, I do not use olive oil in Asian dishes, as it is stronger in flavor and affect the outcome of the dish.  I opt for vegetable or canola oil.  However, you are free to vary the ingredients and amounts according to your taste and dietary requirements.  Do note that everything was done through estimating method, where a teaspoon or 1 tablespoon is a guide and can be further adjusted to suit your taste.  Feel free to experiment until the dishes are to your satisfaction!

I sincerely hope that my readers will offer their criticisms and suggestions to help me improve my recipes.

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