Fish Taco with Fresh Salsa



1 lb halibut or any fish meat
salt and pepper
1 cup cornstarch
10 fresh tortilla (available in all grocery stores)
2 cups coleslaw (about 1/2 package of coleslaw)
Salsa – follow this recipe (omit mango)
1 cup cucumber, shredded and seeds removed
1 cup carrot, shredded finely


(1)  Slice fish into 1 inch thick.  Marinate with salt and pepper.  Leave aside for 15 minutes.
(2)  Dust fish slices with cornstarch, and deep fry them till crispy.
(3)  Heat 1 small pan on low heat.  Place tortilla on heated pan, and grill about 20 seconds on each side. 
(4)  Place tortilla shell on a plate.  Arrange some coleslaw, salsa, cucumber, carrot and fish slices on tortilla.
(5)  Fold into half, and enjoy!  Simple, healthy and delicious.


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